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Terms and conditions


The following general conditions of contracting (hereinafter the "General Conditions") are applicable to the services offered by the different suppliers through www.ejecafetero.com.co., Company legally constituted in Colombia with the Registry of Chamber of Commerce No NIT: 7516.466-1 and RNT (National Tourist Registry) No. 15846, domiciled in the city of Armenia, Department of Quindío, Republic of Colombia.
By proceeding with the reservation, the client declares that he / she has read, iwc replica watches understands and accepts these General Conditions and that these form part of his contract for which Eje Cafetero Tours Colombia is the intermediary of the tourist services contained in this website.
The client, both legal entity and natural person, declares that he has legal capacity to acquire the services offered at www.ejecafetero.com.co, and that, if he is a natural person, he is of legal age and with full powers to contract. In the event that the user does not accept or meet these General Conditions, you should not use this website.

1.1. Nature of the contract.

www.ejecafetero.com.co, acts as an intermediary between the customer and the provider of the services promoted on the website, establishes its negotiations and commercial agreements with the best providers of services in the market in each of the respective categories. Ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions between the customer and the supplier. Notwithstanding this, www.ejecafetero.com.co, assumes no responsibility to those who buy services on its Internet portal, for acts or omissions of the providers here announced, as it has no control or legal relationship to its personnel, equipment, operation or goods.
The final contract between the user and the service provider shall be governed by Colombian laws and by international agreements in this area, according to the nature of the contract, whether it be a contract for accommodation, transport, provision of services, etc.

1.2. Procedure for the use of services.

Reservations made via the Internet or by telephone will be received at the reservation center of www.ejecafetero.com.co, then an email will be sent, with the respective quote and availability. The reservation will not be confirmed until the deposit of the respective deposit is made. After which a second confirmation e-mail will be sent with the corresponding order of services.
The simple request of reservation and quote by www.ejecafetero.com.co, does not mean that the reservation has been confirmed. The hiring of any service will be subject to availability.

The consignment deposit must be made one (1) business day after confirmation of the respective availability. Unless the booking agent has given you a longer period of time in writing, the customer will have to confirm the availability again if he has not entered on the stipulated date.
In case the customer has made the deposit without the respective confirmation of availability or outside the established period, the refund will be made within 10 business days following your request prior to the discount of bank charges incurred or mandatory fees established the banking according to the order of the Colombian State.

www.ejecafetero.com.co, is not responsible if the client does not receive his confirmation email, If 48 hours after making the deposit, he has not yet received an email, with the confirmation and / or order of services, he must write a second email to the agent who attended it with a copy to gestión@ejecafetero.co.co, and to info@ejecafetero.com.co,, making the corresponding request. In any case, if the reservation has been processed properly, the reservation will be effective even if the client has not received his confirmation email.
In the event that www.ejecafetero.com.co, will detect any problem or irregularity, it would communicate it to the client, preferably via e-mail. www.ejecafetero.com.co., declines all responsibility if the client does not receive such communication due to problems other than www.ejecafetero.com.co.

1.3. Validity of tariffs.

The rates presented on the website are valid only on the day of your quote. The rates will apply for your respective charge, only in case you reserve the desired service, otherwise those rates may vary. A reservation is considered complete, when you have a code or confirmation number and the corresponding charge has been applied.
Despite the close communication established by www.ejecafetero.com.co, the providers here announced, there is a possibility that the validity of some prices has expired or comes from information erroneously provided by such suppliers with which our database is fed. Nevertheless, www.ejecafetero.com.co., Takes the precaution of verifying the rates that apply with each reservation. In case the correct price is less than the quoted amount, www.ejecafetero.com.co., Will apply the smaller amount, will refund the difference in a term no greater than five (5) business days. In case the correct price is greater than the quoted amount, your assigned booking agent will contact you in due time, informing you the correct amount or, registering the cancellation of the reservation at your request for not agreeing with the increase in price, expressly disclaiming to www.ejecafetero.com.co, and its suppliers of any liability or payment of compensation for inconveniences caused by such cancellation.

If the customer chooses to cancel his reservation due to price increases, he will be refunded the total of the price paid. Cancel or no, you will be entitled to accept an alternative offer made by www.ejecafetero.com.co, subject to possible supply.


Taking into account that www.ejecafetero.com.co, acts only as agent or intermediary of reservations, declines all type of responsibility regarding any aspect related to the execution or provision of the service in question, being exempted of any responsibility before the possible losses, personal injury, accidents, etc. which may occur in the provision of the contracted service.
Within its limits of responsibility www.ejecafetero.com.co, declares that: all the photographs that appear in its Internet portal, are real and guarantee that belong to each of the accommodations.
www.ejecafetero.com.co, make sure that the price of your products is in line with those of the market, and that there is a relationship quality vs price in all products offered.
warning that it will not assume responsibility for any claims, costs or expenses arising from personal or third-party injuries, accidents or death, loss or damage of personal belongings, resulting from the following:
(i) Acts or omissions of any person other than www.ejecafetero.com.co, or its employees;
(ii) Illness, theft, labor disputes, mechanical failures, quarantine, governmental actions, weather, public order or any other cause outside the direct control of www.ejecafetero.com.co; in these cases the refund policy will be subject to that of each service provider.
(iii) Cancellation or change for any reason of the travel services offered. We reserve the right to cancel or change the services at our discretion, but we will try to replace them with comparable services. If we have to cancel your reservation completely, the responsibility of www.ejecafetero.com.co, will be limited to the refund of all the money paid to www.ejecafetero.com.co,
Except as expressly stated otherwise, www.ejecafetero.com.co, can not accept liability or pay any compensation when the development of its contractual obligations is prevented or affected by reasons of Force Majeure, meaning an event, unusual, unforeseeable and irresistible beyond our control, whose consequences can not be avoided even with all due diligence, including, but not limited to, war, riot, civil disobedience or dispute, government action, terrorist activity, natural or industrial disaster, fire, climatic conditions and may also include industrial disputes involving third parties, technical or maintenance problems or unforeseeable operational decisions by airlines such as changes in schedules or any failure in the IT infrastructure ( including, but not limited to, the website www.ejeca fetero.com.co) or faults in Internet connections.


  • Notices of cancellations, changes of travel date or requests for refunds must be sent in writing and include all necessary information, so that they can be attended immediately.
  • If a cancellation is received 15 days prior to the scheduled arrival date, the total amount paid will be refunded LESS $ 40,000 administrative expenses.
  • If the reservation is canceled within 10 days before arrival, an overnight stay will be charged and the reservation will be subject to availability of the Hotel, in no case will be refunded.
  • If the reservation is not canceled 15 days before the date of arrival and the passengers are not presented to the Hotel, no refund will be made, nor will the reservation be postponed to another date.
  • The Hotel reserves the right to charge the entire stay even if the guests shorten their stay.
  • No reservation is considered confirmed if payment of 50% of the total value has not been made. The other 50% must be canceled 10 days before the date of entry to the Hotel.
  • Some services may be interrupted or canceled due to weather, force majeure, civil commotions, natural effects, etc., or other services provided by EJE CAFETERO TOURS COLOMBIA and its service providers. No amount will be refunded as a result of such interruptions or cancellations.
  • If for reasons of force majeure or fortuitous event the agreed service can not be fulfilled, EJE CAFETERO TOURS COLOMBIA will make all possible efforts to obtain another accommodation or service of equal or greater quality than initially contracted without charge for the passenger. With respect to these variations the passenger will not be entitled to any compensation.


As a general rule, a cash deposit of at least 50% of the breitling replica watches total value of the services will be required. In some cases the payment must be total, which will be informed to the user
This deposit must be made in cash at the bank of each establishment or its owner, according to the account provided by www.ejecafetero.com.co
If the deposit is made by check, it must be made effective at least three days of service, otherwise the service will not be rendered, and no liability can be attributed to either www.ejecafetero.com.co or the service provider.

In case of payment by credit card, we accept: Visa, Master Card, the amount corresponding to your reservation, will be charged immediately to your credit card, as long as the status of your reservation shows that it is confirmed, and will appear in your state of account, and you must assume the commission surcharge charged by the bank, which is usually 5%. In case of any type of reimbursement for deposits made with credit card, undertakes to execute them within the five (5) business days following your request before deduction of the respective cancellation charge, however the time end of credit card account holder will depend on each bank or credit company..
At the time of booking, you authorize us in a written and / or verbal way to use your credit card number to make your payment, and expressly confirms to know and accept our policies of reservation, payment, limit of liability and cancellation. As noted above all reservations are subject to availability at the time of processing your request.
The credit card holder must be the same person in whose name he is reserving, and must present his identification with the respective service provider.


Any claim or written notice against www.ejecafetero.com.co, must be received no later than fifteen (15) days after the termination of services contracted with the respective provider. If the claim is against the supplier, www.ejecafetero.com.co, undertakes to ensure that the request is answered and resolved in the best possible way to the user, and will assist the latter at all times in their claim, even if it decides do it by judicial means.
In the event that the client suffers any mishap during his travel, he must immediately inform www.ejecafetero.com.co, or the main supplier (for example, hotel, tour operator, car rental company, airline , the hotel center, etc.) to solve it.
In the event that the supplier can not solve the problem to the full satisfaction of the customer, the customer must immediately contact www.ejecafetero.com.co, so that he can mediate between the customer and the supplier. In case of a complaint or complaint, the client will write to the customer service department of www.ejecafetero.com.co, within a period not exceeding 15 days after his return and providing all relevant information regarding his incident.
The lack of communication to www.ejecafetero.com.co, during that period may compromise the ability to resolve claims and / or investigate them completely and, as a consequence, any right to compensation that the client may have may be prejudiced.
Anyway Eje Cafetero Tours Colombia, will send you with the services that contract a format of qualification of the services, which we ask you to do, since it will contribute to improve not only our services but our suppliers.

Anyway Eje Cafetero Tours Colombia, will send you with the services that contract a format of qualification of the services, which we ask you to do, since it will contribute to improve not only our services but our suppliers.

The oversight or refusal to provide the service when the number of guests or persons exceeds the capacity of the establishment or service, is in no case the responsibility of www.ejecafetero.com.co, The client may take direct action with the provider. Nevertheless www.ejecafetero.com.co, will make all possible efforts to obtain another accommodation or service of equal or greater quality to the initially contracted.


In case the user does not accept the above terms and conditions, you should not use this website. Any dispute may be settled initially before the arbitration tribunal of the chamber of commerce of Armenia, or in its absence exhausted the previous instance through judicial channels at the discretion of the user.