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This model of vehicle was born in the Second World war. Initially he was called GP that General Purpose was meaning. In that epoch, E.U was taking part of the warlike confrontation in the Pacific Ocean of the South, where they neither existed road development there were not even roads. Average this one arises this way from transport with traction in four rims and it was made of great quantity for the American army. Let\'s say that the gringos a bit registered with his invention after the war, decide to sell it. Colombia begins to dquirirlos to replace a bit the animal traction (mules, horses and oxen). These vehicles had a great attraction in the Coffee Axis, specially for his response to the requirements of the rural topography and the ways of the Andean mountains that till then were of horse-shoe, used by the muleteers and his packs of beasts. The previous thing manufacturer forced the compaíka to produce the C.P (civil jeep).