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Finca La Coqueta

Finca La Coqueta
Green spaces

From USD $33 per person, with breakfast - From USD $37 per person, with breakfast and dinner

Ideal to wake up with the best aroma of coffee, to know his secrets and to enjoy the magic of the region. With a hot construction provided with all the hotel services that fit with his environment full of coffee fields and cultivated fields of banana. The flirt offers the only tranquility for those persons who want to share in family or simply that want to enjoy a good book or the trinar of the birds.

The payment of foreign currency: When the payment is in dollars it will be fastened at the rate of the respective day in which the transaction is done for which it is necessary to to consult with the official change in Colombia and / or with to the empresa Coffee Axis Tours Colombia across the e-mail info@ejecafetero.com.co where the value of the same one will be confirmed to him


Finca La Coqueta Green spaces Rooms Rooms Swimming pool Swimming pool

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